About me

Dear visitors, Let me introduce:  My name is Pál Dobesch, I am woodcarwer and cabinetmaker.

My profile is designing and executing furnitures in all the historical styles ( romanesque, gothic, renaissance, baroque, rococo, neo-classical, art nouveau).
If a costumer have any special demand, it can be realised. I' m able to do the whole process of furniture making from the first sketch to the finished piece.

Special demands can be for example: 

-To complete a set of furnitures, matching to the originals.
-To design and execute any furniture, or decorative element, harmonically for a certain interior.
-Collaboration with interior designers and architects.
-To re-carve missing parts of antique furnitures, or reconstruct whole pieces.
-Restoration of carved furnitures.
-Figurative sculptorwork (by Máté Dobesch)


1950-       born in Budapest, Hungary.
1964-80   studies in craftmanship in Budapest
1971-87   woodcarver in employement
1987-       freelance, independent woodcarver
2002-       my sun, Máté Dobesch joined to the workshop

Any of the Remarkable references:

 2009- Reconsruction of carved ornaments in the castle of Eszterháza, Fertőd, Hungary
2008 -Reconstruction of carved panels of the main gate of Andrássy út 52., Budapest (unesco protected area )
2007 -Neo-gothic gates in St. Albans, England
2003-2007 -Reconstruction of carved elements in the New York Palace, Budapest (Boscolo Hotels)
2003-2004 Reconstruction, and restoration of four monumental rococo picture frames for the Country Hall of Eger, Hungary

2002 -Chandellier replicas for the National Museum, Budapest
         -Taking part in the reconstruction of missing,  rococo style, bronze, 36 armed chandelliers at the
          Sándor Palace (Office of the President of Hungary): Designing, carving of the casting forms.
2001-Reconstruction of the neo-rococo ornaments at Szabó Ervin Library, Budapest
1993-94 furnishing the office of the Hotel Pannonia Med, Sopron, Hungary
1993- Ornament reconstructions for the organ of the Saint Stephan Basilica, Budapest
1990-92- Restoration of the  Seminarium library's rococo interior, Budapest